Tying up the ends



Ok so this is what I have been up to on my independent learning project, I started crocheting and found it to be relaxing and some what rewarding thinking of all the stuff I can make for myself and others. I decided to try a different route the first picture you see is a scarf that I arm knitted. It was so easy and fun, now I found a less expensive way to make scarves for my friends and family. The second picture is the start of a blanket I am making for my niece, this one takes a lot of time and patience because I am not using a hook or my arm but instead I’m using my fingers! I definitely want to keep working on this blanket but I also want to find other things to make using my fingers. Its definitely a good feeling when you make something so pretty with your own fingers. Hope you guys like them!


Tying my loose ends together

I used Piktograph. I found it to be very easy to maneuver around the website and I like how it has my saved work on their for me to continue to edit, preview, or publish. The challenging part for me was finding a template that worked for my independent learning. I just followed what the side bar had as far as options to finish my visual. I hope it’s OK that I used less than more. My learning experience hasn’t really been wild and crazy but more relaxing and tranquil. It would be fun to use something like this as an end of unit project and maybe have students make visuals of what they have learned, kind of like a test. I think there is great value in doing this, it makes it personal and obviously different from the every day same old same old.

Am I Unplugged?

I am 50/50 on using internet mindfully. Facebook, twitter, Instagram really aren’t my cup of tea, every day. But one thing I don’t use mindfully is Pinterest. I can’t help it! It is so useful and has wonderful ideas for teachers and if you are planning a wedding for instance. 😉 I also think I make myself tired of technology, I am reading emails and on Pinterest  daily and by the time I’m really need to start my online homework  I just want to step away from it. Its not good at all because obviously my education is way more important than pinterest. I think we need to be more attentive when others are around. I can’t stand going out with friends and all they do is sit on their phones! I try so hard to keep mine in my purse because I actually like face to face contact and socializing seeing peoples reactions. We need to stop multitasking when dealing with others, especially students. They are required to give 100% of their attention for 8 hours a day so why can’t we give them our attention to help them feel important and to succeed??? I can’t really define when I am truly present. Today there is 100s of things going on around you all day long. To be truly present, in my opinion is when you can give all your attention and problem solve. I’m a waitress and I never feel fully present at my tables when I am busy, which makes sense. We lose our creativity, the way we think and process information just goes out the window. Its sad really. I find when I leave my phone at home and go for a walk I do some great thinking and planning. Its a refreshing feeling when you are able to be alone with your thoughts.

Activism. Am I doing it?

I haven’t really participated in digital activism, unless you want to count all the times I have stood up for what I believe in. I really like the blog the 12 year old students have. How fun would it be for them to do something like that? They are not only doing research on a computer but also doing a little bit of math and science if you think about it.  Teaching kids how to be an activist while being a good digital citizen is very important to start at a young age. If a teacher (like the one in the article) got her students excited about an important topic that is world wide they could take that beyond the classroom and continue to be a “health” activist beyond their school years. It is important for everyone at any age to find their true passions and things in life they wanting to inform people about or pursue the life of others to be better. I did a little looking into on the Ugly duckling Inc. and really liked that they were advocates for people to find their true beauty! That to me is one of the most enduring qualities in a person. I am not an advocate for a lot of things out of my comfort zone but this is one thing I think everyone needs in their life, people who push and encourage you to know and find how truly wonderful you are. Maybe I should start being a digital activist for something to do with military because I am a sister of a Marine! I honestly find it interesting that it is so easy to learn about being a digital activist/activist and that it comes along with being a good digital citizen.

Brittany Ann Korell

So I googled myself and what came up was my criminal background check! Also I had made a few posts on my works Facebook page which is obvious. I searched images and only saw one of me and my godson :). I am also on my high schools track page which is pretty cool because I didn’t know we had one! I’m not worried about what future employers will find because I like to keep to myself and keep a good digital citizenship because its not worth it to have all that drama portrade for the whole world to see!