It’s Monday! What are you reading??


Well this week I finished the second Percy Jackson book.  I had been listening to it via CD and noticed late in the book I was struggling to stay focused so I had actually found an online copy of the book and followed along with the CD by reading.  If you read my blog from last week I had just ventured into the 4th chapter and I was getting to the part where things at Camp Half-blood were not going so well.  What I did not tell you is that at the camp there is a tree made of Thalia whom is Zeus’s daughter.  She protects the camp but becomes poisoned so that means the camp is vulnerable to attack.  Percy decides he is going to set out on an adventure to find a cure for Thalia’s tree and also his friend Grover.  When they find the cure Thalia comes from the tree like nothing had every happened and Percy then starts to believe she is the child of a god that can destroy Olympus!  At this point I was like “No Way!” “This is so crazy!”

By the way spoiler alert!  Did I mention Tyson is Percy’s half brother?  Did I mention that Tyson is a Cyclops?  No? Well surprise then Percy has a half brother named Tyson who is a Cyclops!!  I have yet to watch this movie partly because I can’t find it, but I did come across the third book in the series The Titan’s Curse, which I plan on reading this next week!!

Have a safe and wonderful Thanksgiving everyone I look forward to hearing your Monday reading blogs!!


It’s Monday! What are you Reading??


This book is a chapter book but still considered an easy reader, I am assuming because the chapters are shorter and the words are large.  This is a good lesson on guilt.  I certainly know there are times that I did something and didn’t feel good about it and want to take it back.  Finally when I come clean my parents would always say the same thing.  They always knew what I had done.  I wasn’t in trouble and I always thought my parents could read my mind or something, but no they are just parents.  I really liked this book and it had some cute illustrations and really helped make the reading easier.


Boy do I remember how picky  my sister was when she was little.  There is always going to be something someone doesn’t like but she just didn’t like anything except milk! This book was so cute not only for the illustrations but because James’s father was convincing him all these bad things were going to happen if he didn’t try broccoli, milk, oatmeal, or eggs.  When it came time to try eggs James was trying to figure out what was going on but all his father said was that he should try them.  What do you know!? James likes eggs as well as broccoli, milk, and oatmeal.


Well this is the last book I could find for my challenge.  Rabbit and Robot are having a sleepover and Rabbit has made a list of 4 things they will do.  They find out they have differences about food and games but never the less they make it through their fun filled night happy as can be.

So I have decided to start a new challenge for the rest of the semester.  I am going to read books that have or are being made into movies.  I like movies so I think this challenge will be pretty easy.  My first one is The Sea of Monsters.  I am listening to this book on CD courteous of my mother in law.  For anyone that does not know this is the second book in the Percy Jackson series, with the first being The Lightning Thief.  I actually did not read the first book before the movie came out, I did it all backwards.  I have always been fascinated by Greek mythology and reading about the gods and goddesses.

In this book Percy is with Annabeth Chase, Clarisse La Rue, and his half brother Tyson.  Percy and Tyson have the same father, Poseidon.  Annabeth Chase’s mother is Athena.  Clarisse La Rue is the daughter of Ares.  They are called half-bloods or demigods (human and god/goddess), and the attend camp half-blood.  I am only in chapter 4 and so far what I am understanding is that there is something wrong with camp half-blood.  I am interesting to finish this and I will let you all know what happens.



Reading audio style

I remember every one in awhile we were able to listen to our elementary counselor read to us by tape. I didn’t really like it because a lot of the time I would lose focus and get lost. I also remember how frustrating it was to remember where we had stopped from the previous day (that whole cassette player, fast forward rewind stuff was tricky)!
Now that I am older and make some trios across the state I like how I have audio books available, especially if I need to read for class. When I read, sometimes I just go through the motions reading word after word not making a connection with the characters. When I listen to audio books I find myself laughing at things because the reader is so energetic! I have also caught myself with a surprised look on my face during an audio book because again the reader is so excited about what is happening you can’t help but be stressed, sad, happy, excited, scared, etc.
When I talk to my mother in law she tells me her students react so well to audio books and they retain what the story is about so much better. She requires them to follow along in their own books and I understand not all teachers will be that lucky.
I would love to be able to incorporate audio books in my classroom because like I said earlier it gives the listener so much more when the words are not just being read but when they are being expressed. It is also a good way to help them be more expressive readers!

It’s Monday! What are you reading??


Who loves their grandpa??  All of us right?!  This book was so cute because not only did Henry and Mudge (Henry’s dog) love visiting the grandpas but the grandpas loved having them visit.  I always loved spending the day with my grandpa on the farm, I even chuckled a little bit because in the book they say skivvies.  My grandpa used to say that all the time!


I loved April fools day when I was younger because tricking people was so funny and a challenge for the whole day.  Now that I am older I think people take it to far sometimes, but maybe I am just becoming callused in my old age…JOKE! Wagner starts off his day already stressful because he is late to school, on top of that his friends and teacher keep joking around with him.  Well finally Wagner decides to pull the wool over their eyes, but no one thinks it is funny.  Story of my life…JOKE!


Ok so I have an English Bulldog named Dozer who absolutely LOVES playing fetch with his one very special ball.  If you joke around with him and pretend to throw it, he will lay down and start to pout because his life is pretty much over at that point.  When I was reading this book I felt like it was written about my Dozer dog and I just giggled to myself because I love him so much.


This story was so cute and simple yet so accurate and detailed.  I was always told when I was little that if I ate those darn watermelon seeds I would have one grow in my stomach!! I just couldn’t fathom a giant watermelon growing in my little tummy, so naturally I became afraid of those little seeds.  The crocodile loves watermelon and eats it all the time but freaks out when he accidentally eats a seed!  He panics about it growing in his tummy but he burps and magically it pops out!  This was just such a great book, surprise surprise I laughed while reading it.


This book was all about dogs.  They ran, played in mud, the play in water and the dig.  They dig up a dinosaur that ends up coming back to life and chasing them so naturally they continue to run.  Again, like the other stories the illustrations are amazing and so detailed which make the reading so much better.


I thought the illustrations in this book were very plain compared to the others that I have read.  There were no bright colors except the hat, since that is the main focus of the story I liked how it stood out more than its surroundings.  I was actually surprised at the ending when the bear ate the rabbit for stealing his hat!  I still loved the book though.


This book was definitely something I would use for math.  Every time Pete lost a button they subtracted so it was definitely an interactive book which I love.  Teaching with interactive books I feel makes learning more fun.


I love rhyming books!  Poor Mrs. Brown just can’t catch a break, it all starts with his bike accident do to a terrier nawing at her feet.  Then the animals she takes care of, which is 1 cow, 2 pigs, 3 ducks, and a yak.  This phrase is repeated throughout the book so it would be easy to talk about repeating phrases.  After Mrs. Brown gets home from the hospital she is resting and then all of a sudden the bed falls through the floor with her, 1 cow, 2 pigs, 3 ducks, and a yak.  They all end up in the hospital and then they all end up living in the barn.


Ugh! I love this book.  It is a counting book, it starts at 1 with 1 boy and goes all the way to 10.  I know you are probably thinking what makes it so special?  It’s just another counting book.  Well I have never seen a counting book that was interactive among words.  I will try to explain this the best way I can.  For example, the words “Two Seals” is on one page and the conjoining page has a window cut out with two seals in it, when you flip the page over the square cut out now changes the word seal into sea.  So that next page says “At The Sea”.  Hopefully, it makes sense, if not I would recommend reading it, don’t worry it doesn’t take very long.

Diversity in Picture Books

I want to focus on the article How Cross-Racial Scenes in Picture Books Build Acceptance.  It makes me mad to see or hear that in this world we are still having problems with race and how kids are not accepting of everyone, and I don’t mean just race, but kids that have developmental delays are still not accepted fully in life, kids that have same sex parents are shunned, and religious affiliation.  It is the 21st Century people wake up!  These things are going to happen in life and we can not change that and you can’t “protect” your children from the things in life that will not harm them.  Anyway, back to the article.  Around here we are probably not as culturally diverse as say any state on the coast but that is not ever a reason for students not to be accepting of others.  When you read a book or look at the pictures you want the students to see themselves in that book.  If they see themselves as a character in that book having fun and doing good with another child that does not look like them then they will be more apt to be that way outside of reading.  I want to bring that out in my classrooms, all my students need to know it is ok to look the way you do, come from where you come from, and that it is ok to be friends with kids that don’t look like you.  All in all I really liked this article and feel like it speaks volumes to me and it should do that to others as well.

It is Monday! What are you reading??

So this week I dove deeper into my reading challenge. I went straight to our public library to see what they had and to my surprise they only had 2 books that had won the Theodore Seuss Geisel award! Of the two that I checked out, one of the authors was Mo Willems. I did some research on the lovely internet about Mo Willems and he had numerous books that have won this particular award.  I obviously did not find these Mo Willem’s books at our public library but I did find them online, so I took advantage of that and did an audio version of the other books by Mo Willems that had either been an honor book or won a medal for Theodore Seuss Geisel award.

Mr. Putter

This is the first book I read written by Cynthia Rylant,  it was a 2015 honor book for the Theodore Seuss Geisel award, along with Waiting Is Not Easy!  Mr. Putter and Tabby books are so adorable.  They are a part of a series, so I plan on reading them all at some point.  This book Mr. Putter decides to try something new with Tabby because they both like reading.  They sign up for a new adventure doing reading with your pet time at the library.  Mr. Putter invites his friend Mrs. Teaberry and her dog Zeke to sign up as well.  Zeke likes new things so Mr. Putter is nervous but it turns out to be a great day reading at the library.  I just really loved how the illustrations in this book were so animated and real looking.  Arthur Howard is definitely an amazing illustrator.

So for anyone who is not familiar with Mo Willems, his books are about a pig and an elephant, Piggie and Gerald.  A little bit of information regarding Mo Willems, he does all his own illustrations.  Just a little bit more information, he began his whole career on Sesame Street as a writer and animator.  I think I found my new favorite author/illustrator.

In no particular order these are the books I read/listened to, written AND illustrated by Mo Willems.

lets go for a drive

2013 Honor Book


2012 Honor Book

big guy took my ball

2014 Honor Book


2009 Medal Winner


2008 Medal Winner


2011 Honor Book


2015 Honor Book

I absolutely loved all these books.  The way Mo Willems portrays the friendship between Piggie and Gerald is so realistic.  They never change looks but their expressions change throughout each individual story and it makes reading them so much fun!  He uses a lot of explanation points during the stories and Gerald or Piggie’s body portrays that excitement.  If any of you ever get the chance to read these books please do!  They are easy readers but that is what the Theodore Seuss Geisel award/honor books really focus on.  Such a fun reading for the week!