Passionately Learning

passion199I read “9 Tenets of Passion-Based Learning” as well as “3 Questions to Drive Passion-Based Learning”.  I really enjoyed reading the second one because those 3 questions made so much sense to me.  I also believe it is fascinating that we can learn something in just 20 hours!  It kind of makes me feel like my independent learning project isn’t challenging enough for me, but we can always start small and get big. Right?

I think what will help me in teaching is if I ask those 3 questions myself.  What will I learn?  This could be any number of things like, what will I learn about my students, or myself, or about education in general that will allow me to make a difference in my students.  What will I solve?  This could be a minor disagreement amongst friends, or a problem another teacher keeps having over and over again, or it could just be how will I solve my students confusion about math! What will I create?  A classroom that is safe and inviting where my students want to be and when they aren’t there they want to come back! I want to create dreamers and believers in my students. They deserve my passion just like I deserve their attention.  I think if I can incorporate these questions into my every day life I can help my students become passionate about things by asking themselves these three questions.

Is this effective in a classroom?  Have teachers across the U.S tried this in their classrooms?  This is definitely something I want to look into more. Also, how do you bring about passion without sounding like a crazy person?

I found an article I would like you all to read if you can, the wording in here is passionate and has given me the motivation to gain more passion in everything I do and want to do for my students. Bringing Passion Back

I really think and truly believe that in order to get students inspired to find their passions in life we as teachers, moms, dads, siblings, etc. all have to be passionate about what we are doing.  Have a fire in your heart about teaching, get excited over the smallest of things because that is what turns small things into a huge exciting thing for a child.





3 thoughts on “Passionately Learning”

  1. It can make a meaningful difference for each student when they see that you are interested in what you’re teaching. It doesn’t mean you have to hop around and have a loud voice, but it does often mean being adventurous and considering what’s exciting about the lesson for the day and why it is important. Good points!


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