Watch “McDonalds order” on YouTube

This is my last updated daily create.
I had to order at McDonald’s and be really picky while having an accent. The accent is a little pathetic but I managed to make it through.


Updated last three daily creates. Watch “AMAZING GRACE (Bag Pipes)” on YouTube

This song is such a tear jerker. My brother was in the military and this year we just buried my fiances grandfather who served in the military as well. When the bagpipes are playing and you’re sitting there in the still of the moment your body almost becomes light. You don’t feel the cold or the heat all you feel is such pride and emotion. You become one with the song. I was supposed to record myself saying this but as I am typing this up I am crying so it wouldn’t be good.

End of the semester!

This semester has been such a whirlwind! From school to work, then work to planning a wedding I can’t keep track of my days anymore. I am going to be very honest with all of you I struggled with this class. This is unfortunately the second time I have had to take this class and I struggled with it the first time as well. It’s not that I don’t learn anything, I actually learn so much and really enjoy learning about all of you. The hardest part for me is forcing myself to sit down in front of my computer while reading and writing. I don’t sit still very well so I thought what better way to fix that then add the app for wordpress on my phone! Then I started feeling guilty because I was always on my phone. There were so many time I felt like I could never get ahead in this class. Conveniently we had that week not to long ago where we had to read and discuss how to spend an appropriate amount of time in the digital world and learn to unplug. I understand we need these classes and there is no other way to learn about digital literacy but there were times I felt so guilty being consumed with reading and blogging and even twitter that it made me sad. I unfortunately missed out on so much this semester and that bothers me.

Now that I have spoken my piece about that aspect of my learning this semester I suppose it is time to discuss my actual blogs. I tried really hard to use these modules to enrich my learning and prepare me for teaching in the future. That being said, I sometimes have trouble putting my words out there for all to read. I am not the best at typing and being sure of where to put a comma or a semicolon but I try and I think that’s important as well. One thing I really noticed after rereading my blogs is that I do not go into depth with what I am saying. I am that type of person though, I like to be as simple as possible when I am talking because that is how I understand. If someone can get their point across in just a few sentences I really like that. Unfortunately, that isn’t the case for my blogs.

Most of the time my blogs are discussing my future plans as an educator or how what I have learned in the past years of school have driven me to be the person I am today. In the past 15 (very fast) weeks I feel like my blogs fluctuate. One moment I am on top of every detail in my blogs and then the next week I skip out on important details! It is very frustrating to me because I don’t do this in my other classes. What is wrong with me? I do like that I try to add a little humor in my blogs. That really started after a classmate commented on my ILP update the week I was running and I got pelted by a rock in the stomach. That would definitely be the change that I have seen in myself this semester. You can always talk about your passions and what you consider a serious or important topic but there is nothing wrong with adding a little character behind the words. Even while people are reading they can pick out a monotone voice which can cause them to not fully understand or comprehend what they read. Spice it up!

My idea that keeps replaying in my mind is that of making my classroom like Santa’s workshop. I keep getting this mental image of my classroom functioning and looking, not to mention smelling like the North Pole! It’s so fitting though if you think about it. My students will be “tinkering” away on their toys (learning or knowledge) and me overseeing them, lending a hand if they need it, and bringing joy to all around by showing them how wonderful they all are. I think that is what I like most about my blogs, at the end of each one I wrote I realized that I will be bringing joy to my students and helping them continue to have joy about their education as well as in their career. I want to be that teacher that sees the light bulb click on everyday when students are realizing their strengths and also what they are made of.
I noticed in my blogs that I mentioned creativity a lot. I’m not regretting it, in fact I plan on keeping creativity as a vital part of learning and understanding all throughout my years of teaching. When I was taking part in the 30 days of daily creates I noticed a trend. I would do the daily creates that I not only knew would be easy but also more appealing to me. For instance I loved editing pictures and making them look completely different. Before I knew it I was approaching the last couple of weeks and I had not explored the different assignments. I knew I was capable of doing them I just needed to find which ones fit me and would allow me to showcase my creativity.
When it comes to the weekly blogs I value the fact that I can be myself. I have a professional digital decorum to uphold myself to but for the most part I was able to use my weekly blogs as a way to express my concerns, likes, and passions without fear of being criticized. When I would read other students blogs it would give me a sense of assurance about my own blogs. A lot of times from what I could tell our whole class pretty much was all on the same page. I thought that was pretty cool.

As I wrap this blog up I just want to say thank you. Thank you to my classmates for commenting on my blogs and giving me some really good incite. Also thank you all for allowing me the opportunity to take part in your journeys this semester. I am so excited for all of you as teachers, I believe you all have such an impact to make in this education world. The only thing that isn’t fair to me is the fact that I only know one of my classmates and never got the chance to meet you all in person (guess that’s the downfall to these darn online classes).

“The distance between your dreams and reality is called action.” Author -unknown. Just thought I would leave you all with a little food for thought. Good luck to you all in the future.


An Innovative Mind

How have I been innovative this semester? Over the past 16 weeks I have not only changed thoughts about myself as a learner but also those thoughts I have developed about education. I will be the first one to admit that I am not a straight A student and I have to work very hard for the grades I do get, but after reading the material this week I don’t think it is me to blame. We are so conditioned to go from grade to grade trying to achieve the highest scores possible to beat our friends. Why do we feel the need to make learning a competition?  Parent’s are bad about this, they have to brag about what their children have done or what they are going to do which in turn stresses their kids out to the point of being horrified of getting a B! Does anyone remember in grade school when our report cards went home and we only received scores like; satisfactory and unsatisfactory? It wasn’t a “grade” but a way for students and parents to see what needed improvement and what a child’s strengths were in. That to me is better than an A.

“I focus not only on where I can improve, but where I am already strong, and I look to develop those strengths in myself and in others.” George Couros

This is what I want to start implementing in my personal and professional life. It is so important to remind students that we all have things that we need to work on but we need to also remember that we have great strengths that we should use to help others improve. I think this quote is what innovation looks like in learning. The willingness of someone to take what they have and use it to help others but also understanding that we don’t know everything and being accepting of help.

Unfortunately at 25 years old I still am trying to unlearn what makes me a good student and a good future teacher. It shouldn’t be about who got the best grades or who volunteered the most to make their resume look good, instead it should be the heart in someone that makes them desired. Just because someone has a perfect 4.0 GPA doesn’t mean they have heart or what it takes to sit with a student during recess or after school to help them understand and learn. By saying this I am not saying there are not people who are geniuses and don’t have hearts because those people do exist as well. What I am saying is that grades shouldn’t be the deciding factor in anything. What happened to looking at the willingness to learn new things?

“We need to unlearn the premise that we know more than our kids, because in many cases, they can now be our teachers as well.” Will Richardson Why not think this way? I learn more from children then I ever will learn from reading a textbook or listening to some long exhausting lecture. I think a good way to follow through with this is the way we communicate with our students. We have to establish respect right off the bat, but educators need to give respect as well. That is what I need to unlearn. My students will have such imaginations and I can’t be the reason it doesn’t exist for them anymore. I need to bring it out of them and encourage them to never lose that side of them. It is so rare and amazing that it would make them unique.

Last three daily creates! #28-#30

This is my first time doing this, if it doesn’t work let me know. I had to order at McDonalds with an accent and be picky.

For this one I had to make a silly 911 call

This song is backwards. I’ll give you three hints to what it is.
1. He’s not alive anymore
2. Michael Buble is said to be this generations…
3. He sings Fly Me To The Moon :mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen: