What in the world?? That was my first thought when I was first beginning my adventure into the ds106 world. One of the things that helped me is that the website was so easy to navigate through. I had no trouble finding the different categories and looking through all the fun assignments that are available. One thing I decided to do to help make the decision process easier was to preplan my daily creates. I have the 5 different categories that we are supposed to experiment with, and in those five categories I have 6 assignments I plan on doing. 5 of them are pretty easy and shouldn’t take any time at all but I decided to make the sixth assignment maybe something that will get me to think outside the box. I’m really hoping this will help me stay in top of the 30 days.
As far as using ds106 in the classroom I think it’s an awesome idea to incorporate into a  curriculum. I love being around people that learn in diffract styles than I do because at the end of the day we still learn the same way! That’s what I think daily create could do for teachers, it could open up their minds and learn something new about their students and maybe even help them succeed or at least bring up their grades in a certain subject! You wouldn’t have to use it all the time either, another thing I think would be fun to do is make it a monthly thing for all subjects. You would take one day a month and the students could do all their homework using a daily create assignment. It could be kind of like a reward for them and keep them excited about looking forward to something.


Almost spring break!

So this week has been really good for me and my personal learning project (preparing for a 5k), I really feel like I can tell a difference in how I feel through out the day now.
I have my first war wound this week from running. I was enjoying my run but I noticed on Tuesday my heels were so sore! When I got home I took my shoes off and the horror, I had nice little blisters on the back of my foot! Oh my goodness it hurt so bad and I basically ruined my shoes ( I don’t want to get to graphic but you can imagine why). I filled up the bath with some Epson salt and soaked for about 15 minutes which helped so much. I had to get second skin from Walmart (which by the way is a good investment for under 5 dollars) which helped me for the rest of the week and now all I have left are some little scabs.
It must have been a week for silly incidents because I was running on a dirt road once this week and it had been pretty slow for traffic the whole time. I was on my final stretch home and a truck was coming up on me and I just thought to myself here comes the dust! Before I go on, who has seen Pitch Perfect? I hope someone has, who remembers when Fat Amy got hit by that flying burrito? Who remembers what she says? So now that you have that scene in mind back to my event. The truck was going pretty fast so I tucked my head and squinted to help with the dirt and as he was passing me a pebble came up and got me right in the stomach! Immediately I yell out “OH I’VE BEEN SHOT!” Instantly I start laughing at myself because of what I said. All I had was a little red spot for a few hours but it was a good story to tell my fiance ☺ I’m excited for this week because my ten week program changes a little bit in the running department so I will get to keep pushing myself not to give up!

Maker movement

After reading and reading AND reading, the maker movement sounds pretty awesome to me and made me jealous of the kids that have this awesome opportunity in their schools.
Maker movement is ask about making. Being innovative, using the creative parts of your mind and still learning important qualities to have for your education. I read about a teacher who had a maker space in her classroom at lunch time and these kids would skip lunch to come and develop video games and other amazing things! I imagine a classroom would be buzzing with collaboration, tinkering, laughing, and just plain enjoyment. If you think about it, it resembles what we see depicted in Christmas movies at Santa’s workshop!
I think it would be so fascinating to have this in every school and use it as a stepping up from the regular boring old  curriculum. Can you imagine having your classroom as a maker space, letting students utilize their talents for what they really have a passion for but yet still learning the standards? I think that would be so amazing and exciting! Wait a minute! That sounds like college 😬
A disadvantage of this learning would be the time that would have to go into every students passions and being able to help them while still teaching them. An advantage would be that I bet every students would enjoy being at school, they would want to push themselves and learn a lot of life skills as well!
This is the article I found about the students skipping lunch http://www.scholastic.com/browse/article.jsp?id=3758336

Walking a mile in my own shoes

Ok so for this week my learning project has been pretty good.  I have started a different workout which is ten weeks long. There is cardio every day which will help me prepare for my 5k in April! I chose to go to a different workout because the previous one only helped me organize my day, it never gave me a good cross-training workout to incorporate throughout the week, even a simple suggestion would have helped me more.  By the time I run the 5k I should be rounding off my 10 weeks so we will see how prepared I am by then 🙂

I am not working on my quilting project more until spring break so if you don’t read much more about it until then it is because I need some quality time with my mother in law and a sewing machine.

I want to talk about shoes this week.  Who doesn’t love shoes?  Who has a shoe problem?  I know I do but I also love shoes so I have a huge dilemma when it comes to the mound of shoes in my closet!  In particular I want to discuss running shoes.  I have tried probably every kind of shoe there is and I still don’t know which one is my favorite.  I can tell you this much I do not prefer to wear Nike when I work out.  I don’t feel like I have lots of support on my ankles and the soul of the Nike’s don’t absorb a lot of shock in my opinion.  I love Puma’s although I do not prefer them for working out either.  They are stylish and come in all sorts of colors but again the soul does not appeal to my ankles and my knees so I tend to buy them just for show.  My favorite pair of shoes for working out are Adidas.  I had Adidas in volleyball and track and felt like for me and my wider foot they were way more comfortable and a lot better when running.  I am curious as to what you guys think or prefer for tennis shoes.  What works for you?  I know I have to be careful with my ankles just because they have been sprained so many darn times some shoes make them feel worse.

When it starts getting nice outside and staying more consistent I am going to be out running all day!  I cant wait because there is just something about running early in the morning with the sun rising that really just starts your day off with a BANG!


Update on project


This is what I did this week for my quilting project. As you can tell there are bags filled full of fabric (there are more). I took out all the fabric I have and placed them into color coded groups. There are some pieces of fabric that have patterns on them so they went into bags that with fabric I thought they would look really well with. Hopefully in the next week or so My sewing skills will be put to the test but I need my mother in law to help me out. She is a sewing wizard!
As far as my exercise challenge is going, I have found a couple new cross training workouts to do on the days I don’t run. Thank goodness I am feeling better because I was about to go stir crazy. One thing I have noticed is my appetite increasing. Keep in mind I knew it would eventually because I used to workout really hard in high school, but I had to figure out a way to fuel myself back up without gorging myself (that wedding dress needs to fit in 4 months) so I make sure I drink plenty of water after my workout as well as either an apple or pear. This week I am going to challenge myself to eat breakfast everyday, I’m not sure what it is but I have never been much of a breakfast eater. Here’s a question for everybody, how do you feel about taking vitamins and all that extra stuff? What do you recommend as far as brand, what’s good for a 25 year old to take? I would appreciate some feedback from my fellow mates!

PLN? Where do I start?

I started looking on Google by just simply typing in “personal learning network.” I first looked at Teacher Challenge which was a great starting point for me I think because it was a step by step blog that really broke down what PLN is and how you can make it effective in your teaching.

PLN word cloud This word cloud was on this website and I immediately saved it to my personal computer because I think it really captures what PLN is for and what it brings to the table for educators and new ideas.  Probably the best part about this blog was reading why twitter is not just another social networking site.  It is true that it can really help you grow professionally and develop more and more ideas and find it easy to collaborate with other educators.

I don’t have a lot of nonsense on my twitter because honestly I only signed up for it because of school.  I do have a few friends on there as well as some sports teams but 90% of who I am following have to do with education. One thing I know that I need to fix when it comes to twitter is the fact that I scroll through on my phone and maybe read every 4 to 5 tweets, or I wait for a key word to spark my interest.  I know it sounds bad but I am just being honest.

Another thing when it comes to my blog and people wanting to read it, I don’t think that it is very likely that a lot of people read what I say.  I try really hard to make everything seem appealing and professional, but sometimes I am afraid to really speak my mind and be honest because I feel like sometimes that drives people away.  I want my blog to be MY  blog and for people to be able to tell what kind of passionate person I am by reading my thoughts and opinions, I need help with wording and how to set up my format on my blogs. I think the reading this week really helped me get to a starting point which will be to really sit back and think about what I want my blog to say before I actually put it out there for everyone to see.  I need a game plan, I would really like to keep this going after this semester and keep people updated on my thoughts and opinions as I go into teaching.

Week 4 Learning Project

Unfortunately this post will not be very long.  I was unable to run all week because I got that darn upper respiratory virus thing that still seems to be lurking its ugly face around.  At one point this week I was walking up the stairs to the library second floor and when I finally reached the top I thought I was going to pass out!

For my sewing/quilting project I am continuing to sort my pieces and develop squares and figure out the design I want for each square.  I have come up with the conclusion that the squares will have a “death” start look to them. Unfortunately that is the best way I can describe that. I also am going to attempt to not have a color scheme for this quilt.  After all these pieces of fabric were my grandmothers, she spent countless hours cutting fabric, buying fabric, figuring out what would look good and what wouldn’t.  She deserves to have a quilt that I am hoping will remind her of all the beautiful pieces she had designed in her head before she got Alzheimer’s.

I am really enjoying seeing how everyone is coming along with their projects and even though week 4 wasn’t ideal for me, I still learned a lot about myself and what it takes to sit down and design something so precious.