Ted Talk

I loved this TedTalk I watched! This young lady is such an inspiration to me and I hope all of you enjoy her words of wisdom and success as much as I did! She had truly inspired me to push my students to think outside the box and figure out what ways are best for them to learn. Watching TED talks isn’t just for teachers, students can learn so much and even start to hold themselves to higher standards and BELIEVE! I really enjoyed the whole video but the best part was that Alix found humor in her speech. She had the crowd laughing and really engaged, all because she kept it lively and upbeat. I can’t imagine how that felt for her since she has Aspergers.
This has really helped me start to figure out how I’m going to be successful in my independent project. I don’t always have to run on the treadmill, getting fresh air is always a good alternative, also when I get to do cross training workouts throughout the week I have tons of options for different workouts. If there is one thing I do know, I am not going to give up, this is a goal I’m setting no matter how hard things get for me I will always push through, and I plan to come out on the other side better than I was before.

By the way I did exactly what Google said to do and my TED talk only got embedded onto my twitter. Does anyone know why this is? I promise I said to embed onto WordPress!


4 thoughts on “Ted Talk”

  1. I really think most TED talks are great for ANYONE. They can be so inspirational! When someone is chosen to give a talk, they are usually going to be pretty educated on their topic and ready to pass on some of their spark. I would love to see these in real-life.

    You mentioned google–which website did you use to learn how to embed your video? I believe the WordPress help site has step-by-step instructions on how to get an embed code and where to put it in your post. E-mail me if you cannot figure it out and I’ll pull up the link. Sorry it’s been frustrating… 😦


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