Hacking Bud The Teacher

First off I want to say that after reading Bud the teachers blog I now see things in education differently. I guess you could say I have new lenses.
I have always been a hands on learner. I get bored and start to lose interest in learning if I’m just sitting around like a slug. I relate easier to the “masking”section of his blog. I would love to see more assessments done by using crafts, considering art is being pushed to the side a lot of the time in education it would make sense to incorporate it into assessments. I’m not saying that you have to assign a giant 3D project every time, but it would be good to use technology as well, that way it also keeps the students up to date with different programs for learning.
I feel like we should encourage students to think outside the box. Don’t follow the status quo but find new avenues to reach the same results. When I read the play section that was the first thing I thought of, wouldn’t it be nice when a teacher is teaching his or her students multiplication and they gave them different means of finding the same answer and left it up to the student to find what works for them?? We can’t force students to do it a certain way every time because what works for one may not work for another. We can’t further these simple things in life, we for sure can’t forget that we were once in their shoes. Learning should be fun and expand our way of thinking not close it off!


5 Image Story of Lessons

Growing up I asked questions all the time!  I was always so curious about every little thing my parents were doing.  I grew up around one of the state patrol offices here in Nebraska so my mind was always wondering about things my dad was doing.  Looking back I believe my first lesson was that asking questions is how you learn.  From then on I have never really been afraid to ask questions no matter how crazy they sound.  I also know that imagination and creativity is always important no matter how old you are. image 1

My next great experience in my learning was in 6th grade when we had to write our very own story.  There had to be an antagonist/protagonist, plot, setting, etc.  I soon came to realize I had quite the imagination.  My mind took over and I soon had a story that I was so proud of (my mom still has it laminated).  I think the fact that I worked so hard on it and pretty much poured my heart and soul into it really helped me realize how important it was for me to think creatively and explore outside the box.

I credit a lot of my skills back to music.  I grew up in a musical family and was constantly around it outside of my home as well.  I took piano lessons as well as saxophone, harmonica, and a brief encounter with an accordion.  I learned quickly that music was helping me excel in math and keep my mind quick.  I kept music in my life all the way through my freshman year of college and then it became a full time job I wasn’t prepared to take on.  With that being said, I am happy I had that learning experience in my life because now I can easily incorporate that into my general ed classroom one day!

The hardest lesson and probably most important one I have had to learn is that it is not a bad thing that you do not know right at 18 years old you know what you want to do.  I took a year off of college after my freshman year and traveled around the U.S. and thought after that year I had decided what I wanted to do (nursing), quickly learned after getting excepted into nursing school, that it just wasn’t the right fit for me.  Low and behold I ended back in education and now that I am 25 and more mature than my 18 year old self I know this is exactly where I am supposed to be.

I think the last lesson or words of encouragement would be to pace yourself.  It’s not a race, you need to work at your own speed to ensure that you succeed to the best of your ability.  I still struggle with that, and I am slowly realizing planning a wedding a going to school while working is probably not the best for me.  I will do it and finish and succeed at it all but I might sleep for 2 weeks after it is done!


image 5