6 Things You Should Know for Children’s Lit!


#1.  You will surprise yourself.  When I started this class this semester I was so scared and nervous about having to read so much because I tend to get distracted and lose interest in certain things pretty quickly.  Looking back now I am not a continuous reader by any means but I enjoy it more now and have found ways to help myself from getting distracted.

#2.  Keep an open mind.  When I was looking for books that covered all the different awards I was very skeptical about some because it was going to cause to branch out so much farther than what I am used to and what I find to be a good read for me.  Most of the time this semester when I read a particular genre I was uneasy about, it ended up being a good read for me.

#3.  Read what people have to say!  I am not going to lie this was not my strong suite all the time.  There were sometimes when I would read a persons blog but I wouldn’t know what to say or how to keep a conversation going.  I thoroughly enjoyed reading everybody’s blogs but sometimes it was just hard to elaborate on what I considered a really great blog.

#4.  Don’t be afraid to be young at heart while reading!  I am soooo good at this.  I love early reader books, not because that is my reading level but because I love pictures and looking at what great detail goes into making illustrations.  It is fun to read books like that to younger kids and watch them catch onto the story so much better when they have visual aids.

#5.  Push yourself!  Don’t limit yourself to one genre or one author.  Challenge yourself to read those 4 hours a week and really start to develop a great sense of other things in literature.

#6.  Research.  My mother in law is a reading teacher for 6-8 graders and she is constantly reading about different methods of teaching reading when it comes to students who are struggling, or different ideas as far as lessons go.  There is some amazing stuff out there that can not only help you be a better reading teacher but also become a better reader!  You just have to READ!



Top 10 Theodore Seuss Geisel Award Books!

Most of these books are wrote by Mo Willems.  I just found that his books were very age appropriate for kids learning to read and the illustrations were amazing and really grabbed my attention as I was reading.

  1.  Are You Ready to Play Outside?

  2. We Are In a Book

  3. I Broke My Trunk

  4. A Big Guy Took My Ball

  5. Waiting is Not Easy

  6. Let’s Go For A Drive

  7. There Is A Bird On Your Head

The first 7 are the books by Mo Willems.  They are an elephant and piggie adventure.  My personal favorite was the “We Are In A Book.”

8.  Mr. Putter and Tabby Turn The Page.  Mr. Putter and Tabby have a lot of books, this won just so happened to win an award.  It is just really nice when you have a friend you love to do stuff with like Mr. Putter and Tabby.

9.  The Watermelon Seed.  I loved this book because it was easy for me to relate to being a child and being scared of swallowing those darn watermelon seeds.

10.  Ball.  This book was cute because it made me think of my dog.  He sits by the door when I get ready, sits by the door when he knows my fiancé is leaving for work, and he sits by the door waiting patiently on Saturday mornings when my fiancé gets home from work.  He loves attention and playing and he knows what our schedules are.

Top 10 Books to Read in the Classroom!!

These are not in any particular order except number 1!

  1.  The One and Only Ivan!!  Again, do I need to say anything?

  2. The Difference Between You and Me (I think this book would be great to keep around for any students that are having confusion about their sexual orientation)

  3. Touching Spirit Bear ( I did not read this book for this class but for another one.  I just really like it)

  4. Because of Winn-Dixie

  5. Bartholomew and the Oobleck.  With this Dr. Seuss book you can easily incorporate science lessons and talk about the properties of oobleck.

  6. Me…Jane.  Good book to read about the life of a famous person.

  7. Zen Shorts.  It was so cute to read and loved the illustrations,  in the back of the book it even explained what zen shorts were.

  8. Interrupting Chicken.  I giggled the whole time I read this.  Has anyone ever been talking and a child says “but why?” “how come?”.  If so this book will make perfect sense to you, it is just so cute.

  9. The Pirate of Kindergarten.  I remember being frustrated not seeing the board during class then I had to get glasses and I didn’t want to go because I was embarrassed.

  10. Peppe the Lamplighter.  I really liked the meaning behind this book.

Top 10 Reads of the Semester!

These are in no particular order!

  1. What Pet Should I Get?    I chose this book because it was the newest Dr. Seuss book that I got this year and I absolutely love it.

  2. Me…Jane By: Patrick McDonnell  This book was so cute and wonderful because it was actually about Jane Goodall

  3. Officer Buckle and Gloria  I had read this book before this class and I love Gloria and how her and Officer Buckle teach something new to each other.

  4. Who Am I Without Him?  This book is a good read for any teenage girl who is so worried about having a boyfriend and being in love.  It will help them focus on what really matters.

  5. Jake and Lily  I loved this book, it was about the twins Jane and Lily who start to find different interests and stop having their twintuition.

  6. Stone Soup.  This book teaches an amazing lesson about being greedy and what can happen when you are.

  7. Sylvester and the Magic Pebble.  Strictly chose this book for the illustrations and appeal it had.

  8. The One and Only Ivan.  Do I even need to say why I chose this book?

  9. Percy Jackson: The Sea of Monsters.  I love Greek Mythology and really enjoyed going on another adventure the Percy Jackson and his friends.

  10. Joseph Had a Little Overcoat.  This book had a good message, don’t waste anything you can always make something out of nothing.

It’s Monday! What are you reading??


This week I decided to read Ella Enchanted.  I have seen the movie numerous times and really enjoy it so I thought if I like the movie I will certainly like the book.  For those of you poor souls who haven’t seen the movie or read the book, Ella of Frell was given the gift of obedience by Lucinda the fairy.  In the movie when Ella is told to do something it is very defined and easy to see that she is being obedient, even when she tries not to be, but in the book she gets rebellious and stalls herself from being obedient right away, but after some time she has to give in because it makes her feel sick (from what I understand it was almost as if she felt very light headed).

Ella goes on an adventure in both the book and the movie to find Lucinda to get rid of the awful “blessing”.  Along the way she has encounters with Prince Charmond, ogres, and Slannen the elf.  She had met Prince Char at her mothers funeral and they became pen-pals always keeping in touch, but obviously you can tell there is love brewing between them, same goes for in the movie.  Ella decides she can’t marry Char even though he loves her, she loves him, and everyone is pushing for them to get hitched, unlike in the movie her step-mother and step-sisters are against it.  She does this to protect Prince Char in the book so nothing happens to him.  This is how she breaks the curse, but yes they do end up living happily ever after, just like any other fairy tale.

Little side note for you guys, for anyone who has seen the movie!  Do you remember the not so strong fairy Mandy? The one who lives with Ella and watches over her?  Do you remember her book/boyfriend Benny?  He is not in the book!

While I was reading the book it was easy for me to imagine characters because I had seen the movie, but the book did not have the modern day things in there like the movie did (obviously).  As you can see from the picture this books is a Newberry Honor Book published in 1997.

I would easily recommend this for any young girl who is probably 4th and up.