Week 4 Learning Project

Unfortunately this post will not be very long.  I was unable to run all week because I got that darn upper respiratory virus thing that still seems to be lurking its ugly face around.  At one point this week I was walking up the stairs to the library second floor and when I finally reached the top I thought I was going to pass out!

For my sewing/quilting project I am continuing to sort my pieces and develop squares and figure out the design I want for each square.  I have come up with the conclusion that the squares will have a “death” start look to them. Unfortunately that is the best way I can describe that. I also am going to attempt to not have a color scheme for this quilt.  After all these pieces of fabric were my grandmothers, she spent countless hours cutting fabric, buying fabric, figuring out what would look good and what wouldn’t.  She deserves to have a quilt that I am hoping will remind her of all the beautiful pieces she had designed in her head before she got Alzheimer’s.

I am really enjoying seeing how everyone is coming along with their projects and even though week 4 wasn’t ideal for me, I still learned a lot about myself and what it takes to sit down and design something so precious.


2 thoughts on “Week 4 Learning Project”

  1. What an incredible way to honor your grandmother! I’m looking forward to seeing where this path leads you. I’m sorry you’ve been sick. That’s no fun, especially when you’re trying to work on an exercise goal. Remember that part of your ILP can be research… watching videos on various running techniques, reading about foot placement, discovering pros and cons of various brands of shoes, etc. It’s wide open for your investigation. Thanks for sharing!

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