To podcast or not to podcast!

I am still indifferent about podcasts. My fiance listens to them all the time on firehouse because he can listen to his favorite instructors anytime or anywhere without having to travel. The church I go to has podcasts for members that can’t make it every Sunday, which really comes in handy for elderly if they have access and for parents with sick kids or whatever! As far as education, especially for lower elementary students I don’t see what would benefit them. Their attention spans are already limited and at that age you are teaching them to listen while reading and following along. Maybe in their later years of education it would be good to introduce podcasts but not in the lower elementary level. Now for digital story telling I could totally use that at a younger level. Probably not individually but it would be fun to do it as a class, like said you could do a historical slideshow. We could all learn how to navigate differently through the computer and the kids would have fun doing it together! I’m going to keep this in mind for when I am teaching. I know I need to keep an open mind when I become a teacher especially when it comes to using technology. I will work on this probably forever


2 thoughts on “To podcast or not to podcast!”

  1. Brittany,

    You offer several great points, especially concerning the elderly people using podcasts. I agree with you about the younger education children—their attention spans would be much too short to follow along with only an audio method of teaching. Even today, as a semi-adult, I feel that I would lose attention to listening to only an audio source!


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