Being a good digital citizenship.

Ok so I have always had problems with the human behavior over the internet. It’s an easy way to hide while trying to ridicule someone or something. It’s very annoying in my opinion. I am 100% sure when people made all these different websites on the internet they didn’t have it planned for immature acts and drama. I am worried that when my kids start using the internet it will be even more unsafe than it is now. I am worried that by the time I retire students in early elementary will be using Facebook and other social media and causing drama, I feel like its just human nature to be rude. I understand people want to proclaim their passion for certain issues but if you MUST say something just say it once and get over it. I’m guilty of it just like everybody else, someone says something that gets me going and I want to tell the whole world how I feel. But I have to stop myself because I ask myself is it really that important to blast my feelings all over social media? Who cares what people think! I want to set a good example for my own children and my future students and let them know there really is a good mature way to use the internet, and there are ways to appropriately say your feelings in a manner that doesn’t start arguments behind a computer screen.


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