Am I Unplugged?

I am 50/50 on using internet mindfully. Facebook, twitter, Instagram really aren’t my cup of tea, every day. But one thing I don’t use mindfully is Pinterest. I can’t help it! It is so useful and has wonderful ideas for teachers and if you are planning a wedding for instance. 😉 I also think I make myself tired of technology, I am reading emails and on Pinterest  daily and by the time I’m really need to start my online homework  I just want to step away from it. Its not good at all because obviously my education is way more important than pinterest. I think we need to be more attentive when others are around. I can’t stand going out with friends and all they do is sit on their phones! I try so hard to keep mine in my purse because I actually like face to face contact and socializing seeing peoples reactions. We need to stop multitasking when dealing with others, especially students. They are required to give 100% of their attention for 8 hours a day so why can’t we give them our attention to help them feel important and to succeed??? I can’t really define when I am truly present. Today there is 100s of things going on around you all day long. To be truly present, in my opinion is when you can give all your attention and problem solve. I’m a waitress and I never feel fully present at my tables when I am busy, which makes sense. We lose our creativity, the way we think and process information just goes out the window. Its sad really. I find when I leave my phone at home and go for a walk I do some great thinking and planning. Its a refreshing feeling when you are able to be alone with your thoughts.


3 thoughts on “Am I Unplugged?”

  1. It is sad to see people completely ignoring each other because they are on their phones. Cell phones are like awesome mini computers, but we need to learn how to put them away and engage in conversation with other people. I really liked your post!


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