Tying my loose ends together

I used Piktograph. I found it to be very easy to maneuver around the website and I like how it has my saved work on their for me to continue to edit, preview, or publish. The challenging part for me was finding a template that worked for my independent learning. I just followed what the side bar had as far as options to finish my visual. I hope it’s OK that I used less than more. My learning experience hasn’t really been wild and crazy but more relaxing and tranquil. It would be fun to use something like this as an end of unit project and maybe have students make visuals of what they have learned, kind of like a test. I think there is great value in doing this, it makes it personal and obviously different from the every day same old same old.


2 thoughts on “Tying my loose ends together”

  1. I totally agree that this type of digital learning and usage is different that other forms of learning comprehension. It adds meaning to the work, offers a new learning curve, and is a way that students can take pride in the work they produce.


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