Daily Create #6

The Little Caption

I had to use a picture of my own and give it a caption.


That embarrassing moment everyone realizes your face is melting.


Independent Learning Project

Well this is going to be a little short but I just wanted to give you all an update. I am still working out and running preparing for my next chance to run a 5k. I have heard lots of things around town about possible 5k events coming up in the area so I am hoping one of those will be my chance.  When I run I get nervous thinking about the 5k. One thing that helps is that I  am able to get lost in my music and run until I think I am going to die.  When I think about running with others I get anxious and worry if I will forget that I am running this for myself and no one else matters. If you guys haven’t noticed I am very critical of what I do and how I do it. I like to over think everything.

I did start running outside when the weather allows and I have come to find that it is very relaxing for me, even when I run with my running buddy we find such solace in running in the fresh open air.

Basically what I wanted to make sure you guys know is that I am still working hard and am finding things out about myself on the way. This has been a very rewarding experience thus far.

Digital Attentiveness

When I read articles or listen to TED talks about using the internet (or abusing) I always feel so guilty. It’s not because I am doing something bad on the internet I just feel like I could be doing something more productive. I am hardly ever on my phone during work and I try really hard not to be on my phone at school, but I always find myself using a spare 2 minutes to play a game or check emails or my worst addiction, online shopping.

I would like to consider myself a good listener and if I know someone has something really important to tell me that requires my undivided attention then I will give them the respect they deserve and put my phone away. Unfortunately that favor does not always get returned when I need a friend. This should be a skill all students should learn starting at a very young age. You have to give respect in order to earn respect.

I do not feel like anyone is ever good at multi-tasking. When you are doing more than one thing you will ALWAYS miss out on something and I feel like you always miss out on the one thing you can’t afford to miss. How many of us could say 100% that while someone is talking to us, five minutes later we remember everything about that conversation? Do you remember the main part of the conversation? Do you remember the tone in the persons voice? Do you remember what you were getting distracted by? I am not going to sit here and type a bunch of bologna and say I can go without internet because honestly I can’t, it is unfortunately a HUGE part of my life that makes my days run smoother. All I am saying is that it helps me with my friends and creates a good thing between us because they know I will listen no matter what.

I feel like we need to be more attentive when not only  someone is speaking to us asking for the respect they deserve but when our loved ones are around. You only get so many moments and after awhile those moments have come and gone and you don’t get them back. The internet is an amazing wonderful gift that helps us develop great ideas but I feel like it is taken for granted at times. I think in my classrooms I will set aside one day a week to unplug and teach my kids the “old-school” way to learn.

Daily Create #4

Your Very Own Face

Well I have looked at myself in the mirror for one minute. I must say it was kind of amazing looking at more than just what I’m putting makeup on, I really saw myself. For starters I have brown eyes with black spots in them. I have many scars on my cheeks from past years of acne. My eyelids are quite large which now seems odd to me. I have a little tiny beauty mark on the right side of my nose, which I have always fancied. The bridge of my nose is somewhat wider but it still is proportional to my face. I don’t think any less of myself but sometimes it is so nice to really look at what makes you so different but yet so beautiful.