Daily creates 21-27

Here is a video I had to lip sync to a favorite song

Here is a video I had to make about my pets. I really hate my voice over a recording haha don’t laugh to hard


This is my story collage. We have only been together for 2 years and we are getting married in 2 months. My life is literally complete ( except for a couple little tiny humans running around) 😛


What’s in my gullet? Preach tea, water, and a bloody Mary. Don’t judge ☺


I am supposed to do a photo of a couple in love. This couple has been through the ringer more than once but still act like a bunch of love struck teenagers. They met in a different circumstance and have been a stepping stone for each other every day of their loves together. They are the epitomy of an adult relationship and Brandon and I love them and respect them each and every day.


OK for this  assignment I was supposed to make an object seem larger than it really was and I tried to do a bed and make it seem like a giant obstacle but I think it just turned out like a picture of a bed post.

Dream it!… Write it!
For the longest time after my fiance and I started dating I had this dream that he needed me to take food to him at work. When I would get to his work the dispatcher (a friend of mine) would greet me and tell me he’s right through the door, so I would go through the door and through another door, and another and another! I was furious haha I could never get to him so when I would wake up I would be so mad at him! It was the most ridiculous thing ever and looking back now I laugh at how silly it is but it happens.


2 thoughts on “Daily creates 21-27”

  1. You had a lot of stuff going on this week. I love the creativity that you displayed! I thought the video of you lip singing was pretty cute.


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