Independent Learning Project Wrap-Up

Well this semester I chose to do two independent projects but with everything going on I had to remove one of them so the quilt making I was going to start on had to be put on the back burner. Perhaps after my wedding I will start on that project again.

I stuck with the working out/preparation for a 5k project and I have had a lot of fun with it. I am no where near where I wanted to be at this point in the semester BUT I have been learning so much from myself and other people that I follow on Instagram and Pinterest that it will be hard to give up. The most challenging thing for me in this project is not giving up. There are times when I was running or working out that I thought my legs might fall off or that I would faint, but I never did faint and my legs are still intact. I came out of those hard days a lot stronger and proud of myself which made me want to work harder. It is hard for me to want to share this but I have time myself only once this whole semester and I was running a 9 minute/mile pace and I did that for four miles, walking a mile then running a mile and so on. I do not have a timed goal I want to reach in my 5k adventure but what I do want to do is finish. No matter how I do it I want to cross that finish line and cross this adventure off my bucket list. There were certain days where the motivation was on point and I did my workouts like a stud, BUT then there were those days that I was thinking how awesome my couch looked and how much homework I needed to get done. To me a project like this gives someone a sense of responsibility and achievement that might not otherwise be able to be reached. I would love to incorporate an independent learning project into my teaching because students have free rein to do whatever appeals to them and we can do whatever we want with it. There are endless opportunities and showing students that can help them remember that through their whole life and careers.  I found this great quote on the web that I must share with all of you because it isn’t just for health and fitness but for life in general.




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