I use Canva all the time and I have found it so easy and convenient to use. One thing I love about this program is that it could be a neat and exciting new way to assess students on what they have learned. Who has had the privilege to take a math class from Dr. Wentworth? After each chapter she has her students make a “poster” to show something that we have learned. I understand it isn’t the same but it is along the same lines. If I were to use Canva it would be in math. Part of the criteria for the posters is that they would need to be fun and creative. Students would need to make it their own using different fonts, colors, pictures, etc. I also like the idea of using this as a reflection on my own teaching. It would be a pretty clear sign that maybe students are not understanding or taking vital information away from these lessons if their Canva posters didn’t make sense. It would be pretty easy to make adjustments to your teaching method/strategy for the years to come.

I wanted to showcase my independent learning project through pictures. After all a picture is worth a thousand words, right?  I have learned so much about myself these past few months and it has really opened my eyes to bigger and better things, not only within myself by how I will be a teacher.  One thing I really enjoy about Canva is that less is more. You don’t need a lot of words you just need to be able to express yourself in a meaningful and concise manner.  CANVA POSTER

I do not believe there are drawbacks to using such a program. What I do believe is that not one student is the same and you may have a student or two that have a hard time trying to be creative in a visual way. Teachers have to bring new ideas to the classroom all the time and inspire their students to think outside the box while still being comfortable doing it. I do wish I had something like Canva available to me growing up. Especially in my English classes, I always struggled to get my point across when I was told you have to write this many pages or this many words. There is something unique and exciting about giving your students options to be creative.




2 thoughts on “CANVA CREATION”

  1. This blog post seemed like you were literally yelling the whole time. (it cracked me up) I enjoyed using CANVA too and I thought it was so easy to use.


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