Daily Create #2

Bucket List
1: sky dive- I am deathly afraid of heights, it is so bad that watching a movie with someone that is up high gives me the worst anxiety. I don’t know why but I have always thought if I did get a chance to sky dive it would be stupid to pass it up. Maybe it would help me get over my insane fear.
2: go to Ireland- I am not Irish but who has seen the movie “Leap Year”? Well the scene where he purposes to her at the end of the movie is breath taking and I would love to stand there it looks like such bliss.
3: be a mom- this might sound weird but it seems fitting to share this here. I have always wanted to have my own kids but also adopt. I think there is something so selfless and beautiful about giving a child a chance at a wonderful life.
4: meet Michael Buble- he is by far my celebrity crush and I would love to go see him in concert and just sit in pure amazement at him.
5: live with no regrets- I never want to regret the decisions I have made or will make in the future. The reason is because I know that every decision I have made thus far has led me to be right where I am supposed to be.


2 thoughts on “Daily Create #2”

  1. I would never skydive! I hate heights and I am too freaked out to even think about making that a possibility ever. Also, living with no regrets is the best thing to do! Can’t dwell on the past, because there is no changing it. Only making a better future.


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