Daily Create #1

For my first daily create I did the color changer. I could use any picture in the entire world but I had to change the color hue to change the way it looked. I really hope I did it right. I used a picture of something that is so important to me I would die if I didn’t have it anymore.


This is my engagement ring. In the picture I like how the look and romantic simple feel of the ring hasn’t changed. The blue/green hue gives the picture more of a mysterious feel.


6 thoughts on “Daily Create #1”

  1. I love how you took something that is very perfect, special and unique, and then sort of turned it into something like you said “mysterious,” and kind of makes me think of goosebumps! I think that I should try that, too!


  2. I agree that your color changer made your ring look more mysterious. The bottom part of the picture almost gives it an apocalyptic feel, as if, like you said, the world would end had that ring go missing. Awesome job!


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