Being A Good Digital Citizen

For as long as I can remember there has been much talk on how social media is evil or corrupt. I do believe that if it is abused it can become evil or corrupt lives, but I do not see how it is like that all the time. You see, the way I look at what we were to read this week is that if we expect to be good citizens of our country/world then we should be expected to be good citizens of our digital world as well. I also believe that people should be able to hold themselves accountable for their actions, or they should be taught to hold themselves accountable.

Here is my main question. Why in the world do people feel the need to socially destroy someone’s life??? It makes me sick to see this is what the digital world has come to! Being a good digital citizen doesn’t mean that we have to be a digital “prude” but it also means that we shouldn’t be digital “floozies” either. We need to teach kids starting at a young age how to have fun with the digital world but also respect it and respect others that are apart of it. Have fun! Post memories! Express your thoughts! Be mindful of how others may perceive you though, also keep an open mind into others thoughts and what they might consider “fun”! Everyone is different and there is no reason to socially degrade a person for any reason. We should be able to use the digital world for exploring and sharing. Explore endless ways to learn and share our thoughts and ideas with the world!

I like to Google myself, because I am boring. I found a couple of my Facebook profile pictures as well as my background information. I had to chuckle a little bit because I found my senior year track stats, the only reason I laugh is because they are really nothing to brag about but sure enough they are there for all the world to see. I would feel really comfortable with a future employer looking further into my digital citizenship because I have nothing to hide and I generally keep to myself.

I think what’s important here is that we need to set an example in the digital world for future generations to keep the corruptness away. Educate students of what a good citizen looks like but also I think it is important to maybe show them the ramifications of using any part of the digital world negatively. Kids can understand a lot if we just stop being afraid to talk to them.


2 thoughts on “Being A Good Digital Citizen”

  1. Your post was spot on. I think that people need to stop talking about others on social media, and start making it a positive thing. I know I have social media because I have family from all over the world and they like to see what I am up too. I normally just post pictures, but I do have those friends that post everything in their life and it is usually never positive. I think people use social media for all the wrong reasons, and that is why everything is the way it is. I sure hope future generations get smarter.


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