What in the world?? That was my first thought when I was first beginning my adventure into the ds106 world. One of the things that helped me is that the website was so easy to navigate through. I had no trouble finding the different categories and looking through all the fun assignments that are available. One thing I decided to do to help make the decision process easier was to preplan my daily creates. I have the 5 different categories that we are supposed to experiment with, and in those five categories I have 6 assignments I plan on doing. 5 of them are pretty easy and shouldn’t take any time at all but I decided to make the sixth assignment maybe something that will get me to think outside the box. I’m really hoping this will help me stay in top of the 30 days.
As far as using ds106 in the classroom I think it’s an awesome idea to incorporate into a  curriculum. I love being around people that learn in diffract styles than I do because at the end of the day we still learn the same way! That’s what I think daily create could do for teachers, it could open up their minds and learn something new about their students and maybe even help them succeed or at least bring up their grades in a certain subject! You wouldn’t have to use it all the time either, another thing I think would be fun to do is make it a monthly thing for all subjects. You would take one day a month and the students could do all their homework using a daily create assignment. It could be kind of like a reward for them and keep them excited about looking forward to something.


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