Almost spring break!

So this week has been really good for me and my personal learning project (preparing for a 5k), I really feel like I can tell a difference in how I feel through out the day now.
I have my first war wound this week from running. I was enjoying my run but I noticed on Tuesday my heels were so sore! When I got home I took my shoes off and the horror, I had nice little blisters on the back of my foot! Oh my goodness it hurt so bad and I basically ruined my shoes ( I don’t want to get to graphic but you can imagine why). I filled up the bath with some Epson salt and soaked for about 15 minutes which helped so much. I had to get second skin from Walmart (which by the way is a good investment for under 5 dollars) which helped me for the rest of the week and now all I have left are some little scabs.
It must have been a week for silly incidents because I was running on a dirt road once this week and it had been pretty slow for traffic the whole time. I was on my final stretch home and a truck was coming up on me and I just thought to myself here comes the dust! Before I go on, who has seen Pitch Perfect? I hope someone has, who remembers when Fat Amy got hit by that flying burrito? Who remembers what she says? So now that you have that scene in mind back to my event. The truck was going pretty fast so I tucked my head and squinted to help with the dirt and as he was passing me a pebble came up and got me right in the stomach! Immediately I yell out “OH I’VE BEEN SHOT!” Instantly I start laughing at myself because of what I said. All I had was a little red spot for a few hours but it was a good story to tell my fiance ☺ I’m excited for this week because my ten week program changes a little bit in the running department so I will get to keep pushing myself not to give up!


6 thoughts on “Almost spring break!”

  1. While reading this I was laughing so hard, because I love that part of Pitch Perfect and it made my day. (plus the picture in my head was priceless) I’m glad you managed to survive this last week, and sounds to me like you need to get some better shoes, maybe some with the squishy pads for the back. Good luck this week!


  2. Thanks for the laugh this evening(:
    During highs chool I used to swear by second skin! I’m glad it helped you!
    Have you picked a 5k that you want to run yet?


  3. Ouch! I hope your feet are feeling better! I work at a podiatrist office actually, and we see that type of injury to runners quite a bit! You did the right things by soaking them and putting the second skin on, too! Good luck on your 5k!!!


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