Walking a mile in my own shoes

Ok so for this week my learning project has been pretty good.  I have started a different workout which is ten weeks long. There is cardio every day which will help me prepare for my 5k in April! I chose to go to a different workout because the previous one only helped me organize my day, it never gave me a good cross-training workout to incorporate throughout the week, even a simple suggestion would have helped me more.  By the time I run the 5k I should be rounding off my 10 weeks so we will see how prepared I am by then 🙂

I am not working on my quilting project more until spring break so if you don’t read much more about it until then it is because I need some quality time with my mother in law and a sewing machine.

I want to talk about shoes this week.  Who doesn’t love shoes?  Who has a shoe problem?  I know I do but I also love shoes so I have a huge dilemma when it comes to the mound of shoes in my closet!  In particular I want to discuss running shoes.  I have tried probably every kind of shoe there is and I still don’t know which one is my favorite.  I can tell you this much I do not prefer to wear Nike when I work out.  I don’t feel like I have lots of support on my ankles and the soul of the Nike’s don’t absorb a lot of shock in my opinion.  I love Puma’s although I do not prefer them for working out either.  They are stylish and come in all sorts of colors but again the soul does not appeal to my ankles and my knees so I tend to buy them just for show.  My favorite pair of shoes for working out are Adidas.  I had Adidas in volleyball and track and felt like for me and my wider foot they were way more comfortable and a lot better when running.  I am curious as to what you guys think or prefer for tennis shoes.  What works for you?  I know I have to be careful with my ankles just because they have been sprained so many darn times some shoes make them feel worse.

When it starts getting nice outside and staying more consistent I am going to be out running all day!  I cant wait because there is just something about running early in the morning with the sun rising that really just starts your day off with a BANG!



9 thoughts on “Walking a mile in my own shoes”

  1. Kudos to you for running a 5k! I did a color run this last summer in Scottsbluff and I think it was supposed to be 5K or something but I ended walking most of it. I’m not sure about the shoes unfortunately because I have never been a shoe connoisseur, so good luck on finding a good shoe!


  2. I’m terrible at shoe shopping. It seems every type of shoe I try on has some sort of issues. Right now I wear Nike shoes to work out, but I’d be willing to try out anything else (AFFORDABLE!). My mother works out very regularly and she’s always been a huge fan of New Balance. I am definitely not a shoe connoisseur. I like to get what works and enough shoes to match several different outfits, then I’m done. I’ve been working hard to declutter my entire house (using the Kon Marie method) and it feels so good to have such a small closet stash, these days. But when working out or running, it’s extremely important to have what works best for you–particularly if you’ve experienced many sprains. OUCH!


  3. I love shoes as well. I have so many pairs of different kinds of shoes it is crazy! I have bad ankles, and I wear Nike. It is crazy, these shoes I have are stylish, and so comfortable. I haven’t wore any Nike shoe like it ever. I think most of them aren’t as comfortable as this one but. It is worth a try though. I will let you know what they are called.


  4. Asics are my go to for workout shoes!
    They come in super cute styles, and they are SO comfortable!
    I also find it really interesting when people say how much they enjoy running outside. I absolutely hate it! I can run on a treadmill, and really enjoy it, but as soon as you throw me outside I am over it. I think I am the only person I know with this preference!


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