Maker movement

After reading and reading AND reading, the maker movement sounds pretty awesome to me and made me jealous of the kids that have this awesome opportunity in their schools.
Maker movement is ask about making. Being innovative, using the creative parts of your mind and still learning important qualities to have for your education. I read about a teacher who had a maker space in her classroom at lunch time and these kids would skip lunch to come and develop video games and other amazing things! I imagine a classroom would be buzzing with collaboration, tinkering, laughing, and just plain enjoyment. If you think about it, it resembles what we see depicted in Christmas movies at Santa’s workshop!
I think it would be so fascinating to have this in every school and use it as a stepping up from the regular boring old  curriculum. Can you imagine having your classroom as a maker space, letting students utilize their talents for what they really have a passion for but yet still learning the standards? I think that would be so amazing and exciting! Wait a minute! That sounds like college 😬
A disadvantage of this learning would be the time that would have to go into every students passions and being able to help them while still teaching them. An advantage would be that I bet every students would enjoy being at school, they would want to push themselves and learn a lot of life skills as well!
This is the article I found about the students skipping lunch


4 thoughts on “Maker movement”

  1. This is great. I think you have a really good idea going here. I think it would be a great learning experience and it definitely would be something different. Students would learn better if they actually got to do projects on their passion. Also, if the passion met up with the standard then that is a two in one deal for the teacher as well. But, you are right. The problem is, trying to find each student’s passion, and make it apply to the standard as well. That is going to take some serious time. I think this would work great for smaller schools. Then you could really focus on your studentse.


  2. What a great article, Brittany! Children love working with their hands and coming up with creative ideas. For too long, our schools have come up with cookie-cutter projects to get students all making the same thing with the same items at the same time. No more! My 7 year old is constantly asking me to drive him to a couple lumber yards. They’re used to us coming in and asking for all their scraps. Our backyard, garage, and carport are turning into construction sites because HE loves to create. This outlet is so important. My bestie’s little brother is a set designer and I was just thinking about how much he would have loved having a classroom like this. He’s worked on several movies, many theatre productions, and on the set of the TV show Glee. There’s so much imagination and work that goes into the Maker Movement. Thanks for the share!


  3. Wow! This is such an awesome teaching/learning style. I like how you compared a makers classroom to Santa’s workshop. The analogy really helped me understand what Makers movement is!


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