Update on project


This is what I did this week for my quilting project. As you can tell there are bags filled full of fabric (there are more). I took out all the fabric I have and placed them into color coded groups. There are some pieces of fabric that have patterns on them so they went into bags that with fabric I thought they would look really well with. Hopefully in the next week or so My sewing skills will be put to the test but I need my mother in law to help me out. She is a sewing wizard!
As far as my exercise challenge is going, I have found a couple new cross training workouts to do on the days I don’t run. Thank goodness I am feeling better because I was about to go stir crazy. One thing I have noticed is my appetite increasing. Keep in mind I knew it would eventually because I used to workout really hard in high school, but I had to figure out a way to fuel myself back up without gorging myself (that wedding dress needs to fit in 4 months) so I make sure I drink plenty of water after my workout as well as either an apple or pear. This week I am going to challenge myself to eat breakfast everyday, I’m not sure what it is but I have never been much of a breakfast eater. Here’s a question for everybody, how do you feel about taking vitamins and all that extra stuff? What do you recommend as far as brand, what’s good for a 25 year old to take? I would appreciate some feedback from my fellow mates!


2 thoughts on “Update on project”

  1. Brittany,
    sounds like you have a lot going on! Hows your ILP going? I know when I was sewing, I had fabric and thread EVERYWHERE. I had to haul everything back and forth consistently, so it was in my car, in my room, in my living room, in other people’s homes, just everywhere. It didn’t help that there were so many pieces to my quilt, of course. It sounds like your fitness plan is going well, but on the topic of vitamins, I would say only worry about maybe calcium and vitamin D. Otherwise, you can ask your doctor or do a little measuring of what you’re eating, but for the most part many people don’t and shouldn’t take vitamins. Unless you’re missing some in your diet (like a lot of women tend to miss calcium and vitamin D) you shouldn’t have to worry about it so much. If you’re worried about it, like I said, ask a doctor or take a multivitamin. Most people don’t need much more than that!


  2. I LOVE my sewing and fabric stash, so your photo is exciting to me!! I’ve also gone to the rummage sales and walked out with boxes FULL of fabric for must a few dollars. At the end of each holiday, I like to go into Walmart and get their clearance stuff to make items for the following year. Now I just need a better way to organize everything. Much of it is still stored in boxes here and there because I’ve outgrown my original organization method. lol

    I take calcium/magnesium with Vit D (for the calcium to absorb, it has to be matched with magnesium–which is why milk often does very little) and hubby makes our whole family “shakes” every morning that include a great deal of nutrition, including some easily digested vitamins and other supplements. We’ve visited an expensive nutritionist in South Dakota a couple times and, while we didn’t know if it was worth it (we were kind of rolling our eyes during the testing, actually–it seemed silly), we were desperate since our son was so very sick at the time (and had been for over 2 years). He was sickly white with low hemoglobin, never seemed to be healthy, and he couldn’t sleep. It was night and day once he was on his new supplements for about two full weeks. We had a COMPLETELY different kiddo. Then when I went in for testing, I was eating mostly a vegetarian diet. I thought that was very healthy since I was getting so many natural “real food” vitamins, each day. But based on the tests they ran for me, they said MY specific body needed a certain type of red meats twice a week… even if I just chewed it up and let it sit inside my cheek for a minute or two to let the nutrition absorb into my system. Then I could spit it out, if I wanted to. What we learned is that many of our foods no longer have the nutrition of yesteryear OR they’ve been so highly sprayed/cooked/processed that they’re not nearly as beneficial for long-term health. So we do the best we can, within our limited budget, for our family. But every body has different needs, of course.

    I also thought I’d mention that my sister-in-law suddenly faced massive depression a few years ago. Luckily for her, the doctor didn’t just put her on meds and call it a day. He actually ran some tests, initially, to decipher the issue. He discovered she was severely lacking in Vitamin D. That often happens in these more northern states where we don’t have full sunshine many months of the years. After a week or so on a GOOD “D” supplement, she felt like a new person. It’s amazing how our nutrition impacts our daily lives.


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