PLN? Where do I start?

I started looking on Google by just simply typing in “personal learning network.” I first looked at Teacher Challenge which was a great starting point for me I think because it was a step by step blog that really broke down what PLN is and how you can make it effective in your teaching.

PLN word cloud This word cloud was on this website and I immediately saved it to my personal computer because I think it really captures what PLN is for and what it brings to the table for educators and new ideas.  Probably the best part about this blog was reading why twitter is not just another social networking site.  It is true that it can really help you grow professionally and develop more and more ideas and find it easy to collaborate with other educators.

I don’t have a lot of nonsense on my twitter because honestly I only signed up for it because of school.  I do have a few friends on there as well as some sports teams but 90% of who I am following have to do with education. One thing I know that I need to fix when it comes to twitter is the fact that I scroll through on my phone and maybe read every 4 to 5 tweets, or I wait for a key word to spark my interest.  I know it sounds bad but I am just being honest.

Another thing when it comes to my blog and people wanting to read it, I don’t think that it is very likely that a lot of people read what I say.  I try really hard to make everything seem appealing and professional, but sometimes I am afraid to really speak my mind and be honest because I feel like sometimes that drives people away.  I want my blog to be MY  blog and for people to be able to tell what kind of passionate person I am by reading my thoughts and opinions, I need help with wording and how to set up my format on my blogs. I think the reading this week really helped me get to a starting point which will be to really sit back and think about what I want my blog to say before I actually put it out there for everyone to see.  I need a game plan, I would really like to keep this going after this semester and keep people updated on my thoughts and opinions as I go into teaching.


7 thoughts on “PLN? Where do I start?”

  1. A blog is a great way to get your ideas out there. I tried blogging about a year ago but I gave up because I never had time or anything interesting to say. This class and my Adolescent Lit. class have really helped develop my blogging skills. Being able to put my blog out on Twitter is great as well because it gets my blog out there for all the world to see.


  2. I think it’s pretty normal for beginning bloggers to worry about what others think. I started blogging around, oh, I guess 2008. I opened several different blogs on various topics, but it began overwhelming to keep up with all my interests (along with full-time mothering). It’s easy to spread yourself too think if you’re blogging an education blog, a crafting blog, and “girl hair” blog, a mothering blog, a maternity/birthing blog, etc. Having a passion, though, really helps us continue putting our thoughts out there. Sometimes we help someone else with similar issues and sometimes we have an opportunity to change positions on something we previously felt. Monitoring our growth and metacognition is quite valuable! I’ve changed rather dramatically over my last 12 years of motherhood and it’s nice, now, to look back and be able to see where and when those changes took place. 😀


  3. I think you are not along in worrying about your opinions being misconstrued through your blog. I too sometimes read my own blog and think “gosh I hope I don’t sound too crazy” When I write I just focus on saying things I would tell anyone, anytime about how I feel about education, that has got me to where i am today, and will shape they kind of teacher I will become so I shouldn’t sugar coat it. I believe that it is wise to be cautious about your online diary though.


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