Hacking Bud The Teacher

First off I want to say that after reading Bud the teachers blog I now see things in education differently. I guess you could say I have new lenses.
I have always been a hands on learner. I get bored and start to lose interest in learning if I’m just sitting around like a slug. I relate easier to the “masking”section of his blog. I would love to see more assessments done by using crafts, considering art is being pushed to the side a lot of the time in education it would make sense to incorporate it into assessments. I’m not saying that you have to assign a giant 3D project every time, but it would be good to use technology as well, that way it also keeps the students up to date with different programs for learning.
I feel like we should encourage students to think outside the box. Don’t follow the status quo but find new avenues to reach the same results. When I read the play section that was the first thing I thought of, wouldn’t it be nice when a teacher is teaching his or her students multiplication and they gave them different means of finding the same answer and left it up to the student to find what works for them?? We can’t force students to do it a certain way every time because what works for one may not work for another. We can’t further these simple things in life, we for sure can’t forget that we were once in their shoes. Learning should be fun and expand our way of thinking not close it off!


5 thoughts on “Hacking Bud The Teacher”

  1. Really great final thoughts, here. It can be a juggling act to follow 30 different students’ ways of solving a problem–particularly if the whole class is only given 45 minutes to cover a lesson and turn in a “worksheet.” But it’s so important to provide that opportunity to think through things… to not be given the answers… to not be told how to get to every answer. The exploration is sometimes the biggest thrill of learning. We could certainly use better ways of expressing our thoughts. I agree that arts and crafts could be better utilized. We aim for a good portfolio, each year. While we don’t keep every project our children do for each area of study, we take tons of photos to document the adventure. It’s just another way to follow the learning process.

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