6 Things You Should Know for Children’s Lit!


#1.  You will surprise yourself.  When I started this class this semester I was so scared and nervous about having to read so much because I tend to get distracted and lose interest in certain things pretty quickly.  Looking back now I am not a continuous reader by any means but I enjoy it more now and have found ways to help myself from getting distracted.

#2.  Keep an open mind.  When I was looking for books that covered all the different awards I was very skeptical about some because it was going to cause to branch out so much farther than what I am used to and what I find to be a good read for me.  Most of the time this semester when I read a particular genre I was uneasy about, it ended up being a good read for me.

#3.  Read what people have to say!  I am not going to lie this was not my strong suite all the time.  There were sometimes when I would read a persons blog but I wouldn’t know what to say or how to keep a conversation going.  I thoroughly enjoyed reading everybody’s blogs but sometimes it was just hard to elaborate on what I considered a really great blog.

#4.  Don’t be afraid to be young at heart while reading!  I am soooo good at this.  I love early reader books, not because that is my reading level but because I love pictures and looking at what great detail goes into making illustrations.  It is fun to read books like that to younger kids and watch them catch onto the story so much better when they have visual aids.

#5.  Push yourself!  Don’t limit yourself to one genre or one author.  Challenge yourself to read those 4 hours a week and really start to develop a great sense of other things in literature.

#6.  Research.  My mother in law is a reading teacher for 6-8 graders and she is constantly reading about different methods of teaching reading when it comes to students who are struggling, or different ideas as far as lessons go.  There is some amazing stuff out there that can not only help you be a better reading teacher but also become a better reader!  You just have to READ!



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