Top 10 Theodore Seuss Geisel Award Books!

Most of these books are wrote by Mo Willems.  I just found that his books were very age appropriate for kids learning to read and the illustrations were amazing and really grabbed my attention as I was reading.

  1.  Are You Ready to Play Outside?

  2. We Are In a Book

  3. I Broke My Trunk

  4. A Big Guy Took My Ball

  5. Waiting is Not Easy

  6. Let’s Go For A Drive

  7. There Is A Bird On Your Head

The first 7 are the books by Mo Willems.  They are an elephant and piggie adventure.  My personal favorite was the “We Are In A Book.”

8.  Mr. Putter and Tabby Turn The Page.  Mr. Putter and Tabby have a lot of books, this won just so happened to win an award.  It is just really nice when you have a friend you love to do stuff with like Mr. Putter and Tabby.

9.  The Watermelon Seed.  I loved this book because it was easy for me to relate to being a child and being scared of swallowing those darn watermelon seeds.

10.  Ball.  This book was cute because it made me think of my dog.  He sits by the door when I get ready, sits by the door when he knows my fiancé is leaving for work, and he sits by the door waiting patiently on Saturday mornings when my fiancé gets home from work.  He loves attention and playing and he knows what our schedules are.


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