It’s Monday! What are you reading??


This week I decided to read Ella Enchanted.  I have seen the movie numerous times and really enjoy it so I thought if I like the movie I will certainly like the book.  For those of you poor souls who haven’t seen the movie or read the book, Ella of Frell was given the gift of obedience by Lucinda the fairy.  In the movie when Ella is told to do something it is very defined and easy to see that she is being obedient, even when she tries not to be, but in the book she gets rebellious and stalls herself from being obedient right away, but after some time she has to give in because it makes her feel sick (from what I understand it was almost as if she felt very light headed).

Ella goes on an adventure in both the book and the movie to find Lucinda to get rid of the awful “blessing”.  Along the way she has encounters with Prince Charmond, ogres, and Slannen the elf.  She had met Prince Char at her mothers funeral and they became pen-pals always keeping in touch, but obviously you can tell there is love brewing between them, same goes for in the movie.  Ella decides she can’t marry Char even though he loves her, she loves him, and everyone is pushing for them to get hitched, unlike in the movie her step-mother and step-sisters are against it.  She does this to protect Prince Char in the book so nothing happens to him.  This is how she breaks the curse, but yes they do end up living happily ever after, just like any other fairy tale.

Little side note for you guys, for anyone who has seen the movie!  Do you remember the not so strong fairy Mandy? The one who lives with Ella and watches over her?  Do you remember her book/boyfriend Benny?  He is not in the book!

While I was reading the book it was easy for me to imagine characters because I had seen the movie, but the book did not have the modern day things in there like the movie did (obviously).  As you can see from the picture this books is a Newberry Honor Book published in 1997.

I would easily recommend this for any young girl who is probably 4th and up.



8 thoughts on “It’s Monday! What are you reading??”

  1. I absolutely LOVE the movie Ella Enchanted. I’ve never read the book though, but it is now on my “Read over Break” list! I can’t believe they do not include Benny the book/boyfriend!
    It will be really hard to imagine Ella as anything other than the absolutely fabulous Anne Hathaway.
    Would you use this for a film/book comparison project?


  2. I loved reading Ella Enchanted this semester! I have not seen the movie, though, so I couldn’t compare it. I thought the book was a very clever Cinderella adaptation, and I loved the “strong princess” protagonist. I would also recommend it to any girl!


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