Reading audio style

I remember every one in awhile we were able to listen to our elementary counselor read to us by tape. I didn’t really like it because a lot of the time I would lose focus and get lost. I also remember how frustrating it was to remember where we had stopped from the previous day (that whole cassette player, fast forward rewind stuff was tricky)!
Now that I am older and make some trios across the state I like how I have audio books available, especially if I need to read for class. When I read, sometimes I just go through the motions reading word after word not making a connection with the characters. When I listen to audio books I find myself laughing at things because the reader is so energetic! I have also caught myself with a surprised look on my face during an audio book because again the reader is so excited about what is happening you can’t help but be stressed, sad, happy, excited, scared, etc.
When I talk to my mother in law she tells me her students react so well to audio books and they retain what the story is about so much better. She requires them to follow along in their own books and I understand not all teachers will be that lucky.
I would love to be able to incorporate audio books in my classroom because like I said earlier it gives the listener so much more when the words are not just being read but when they are being expressed. It is also a good way to help them be more expressive readers!


2 thoughts on “Reading audio style”

    1. I would definitely do both. I think to introduce audio books I would start off as a whole class then later on after students know what is going on I would then separate into reading groups.


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