It’s Monday! What are you Reading??


This book is a chapter book but still considered an easy reader, I am assuming because the chapters are shorter and the words are large.  This is a good lesson on guilt.  I certainly know there are times that I did something and didn’t feel good about it and want to take it back.  Finally when I come clean my parents would always say the same thing.  They always knew what I had done.  I wasn’t in trouble and I always thought my parents could read my mind or something, but no they are just parents.  I really liked this book and it had some cute illustrations and really helped make the reading easier.


Boy do I remember how picky  my sister was when she was little.  There is always going to be something someone doesn’t like but she just didn’t like anything except milk! This book was so cute not only for the illustrations but because James’s father was convincing him all these bad things were going to happen if he didn’t try broccoli, milk, oatmeal, or eggs.  When it came time to try eggs James was trying to figure out what was going on but all his father said was that he should try them.  What do you know!? James likes eggs as well as broccoli, milk, and oatmeal.


Well this is the last book I could find for my challenge.  Rabbit and Robot are having a sleepover and Rabbit has made a list of 4 things they will do.  They find out they have differences about food and games but never the less they make it through their fun filled night happy as can be.

So I have decided to start a new challenge for the rest of the semester.  I am going to read books that have or are being made into movies.  I like movies so I think this challenge will be pretty easy.  My first one is The Sea of Monsters.  I am listening to this book on CD courteous of my mother in law.  For anyone that does not know this is the second book in the Percy Jackson series, with the first being The Lightning Thief.  I actually did not read the first book before the movie came out, I did it all backwards.  I have always been fascinated by Greek mythology and reading about the gods and goddesses.

In this book Percy is with Annabeth Chase, Clarisse La Rue, and his half brother Tyson.  Percy and Tyson have the same father, Poseidon.  Annabeth Chase’s mother is Athena.  Clarisse La Rue is the daughter of Ares.  They are called half-bloods or demigods (human and god/goddess), and the attend camp half-blood.  I am only in chapter 4 and so far what I am understanding is that there is something wrong with camp half-blood.  I am interesting to finish this and I will let you all know what happens.




8 thoughts on “It’s Monday! What are you Reading??”

  1. I am reading The Lightning Thief right now. Big fan so far!! Would you recommend the movie? I think the movie/book challenge is a good one. I am a visual person so it’s always fun to see the stories brought to life!


  2. I read Rabbit and Robot the Sleepover a few weeks ago and really enjoyed it! I thought it was fun and very easy to read. I think your new challenge will be great! It sounds like it will be fun, I love comparing movies to books to see all the differences between the two of them. Good luck!


  3. I too am running into an issue with my reading challenge- I don;t know of anymore awards for children’s lit specifically unless I move onto more YA geared books… But I absolutely love the movies versus books challenge! What exactly will your posts be about? Just comparing the two? What do you think you’ll find? I always prefer the book to movie (who doesn’t, right?), but sometimes I am pleasantly surprised by the Hollywood version. Can’t wait to read you next post!


  4. I love the sound of Penny and Her Marble! I am always looking for good early chapter books for my six year old daughter to read–and this one sounds pretty good! Rabbit and Robot and the Sleepover looks fun too…am I the only one who feels like my Must Read list is getting way too long? Lol 🙂


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