My Reading Plan

After being on this class for a few weeks now I would like to say I am becoming  a reader. I have enjoyed reading the different awards books and that has helped me figure out what books I think I will enjoy looking for and what kind of books I will recommend to my students. While I am starting to enjoy reading for myself my reading plan is starting to focus more n how I can use what I have read to teach my students. I hope to stay in the lower elementary levels and if I get to then I really want to use reading across the curriculum, I like reading books for different subjects. I know you can’t use Dr. Seuss for everything so what I really want to focus on is finding different authors I could read and see what I could do to present these books in different subjects. I really enjoyed doing poetry in elementary school, so I would really like to branch out in more of a poetry plan as well. I don’t want to limit myself to one author because I think in order to become an expert in a genre you need to read a variety of authors and then make your choice of a favorite you would like to use for lessons. If anyone has any recommendations on authors that focus more on poetry for lower elementary then please share I am anxious to see what people know.

As for myself I like challenging myself. Sometimes I bite off more than I can chew but I learn a lot about myself in that way. I don’t want to limit myself to reading the young adult section and lower but I really enjoy them. Right now more “mature” books really don’t interest me. I just really want to focus on becoming a reader for my students.


2 thoughts on “My Reading Plan”

  1. You’ll definitely want to be very familiar with the Geisel Award (named for Dr Seuss!) and read as many of those books as you can. The campus library has a reasonable selection now. Everything Mo Willems. And check out the list of recommendations I posted in Sakai–it’s a handout with authors and books recommended for each grade level.


  2. I think it is a great idea to focus on books that you will incorporate in your future classroom! That is something I need to work more on. I just like to read what I enjoy during my personal time. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy children’s books, I just need more in depth thinking when I read.


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