Week 5 Recap!

Well I really can’t believe that we are already finished with our 5th week of this semester!  When we first started this semester I wasn’t much of a reader and it took me forever to finish a book because I just wasn’t motivated.  I have learned a lot about myself as a reader in the last few weeks.  For instance, I can’t set time ahead later in the week to read.  I tried that at first thinking if I got my homework done earlier in the week it would be easier for me to sit down and read, but that wasn’t the case, something would come up and then I would feel crunched for time to finish my weekly reading.  But I quickly figured out that any time throughout the week if I just crack open a book I can actually read more!  Who knew right?  If I had an hour or just ten minutes to read I was doing it and I felt like I was comprehending the book better because I wasn’t stressing about finishing it so I could blog on Monday.  I am actually enjoying myself in this class and I have been looking forward to seeing what our next reading assignment will be.

I think I will always love children’s literature, no matter my age.  What I really want to start doing is make my wish list of more “mature” reading.  Maybe I will look into some biographies or books that have a more historical meaning.  I really just want to broaden my reading genres/age level.  I enjoy the children’s literature that we have come across so far because they are very vibrant and appealing.  Sometimes I feel like adult books or what have you, are so plain.  If the cover of the book doesn’t capture my attention then I won’t even think twice about it, unless it is for a class.  I am really looking forward to the rest of this semester and what my reading wish list will be in December.


One thought on “Week 5 Recap!”

  1. For my reading challenge I picked non-fiction Newbery books and the reward has been pretty awesome if you need a bit more mature of a book to read. You get to read historical speculation and facts, simplified down. Thanks for the post!


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