The Friday 56

“You look lovely,” he says.

Ok, so I have been debating on whether or not to use this book for my blog on Fridays.  This line is on page 56 of the second book in the 50 Shades trilogy.  I am not condoning these books to pass on to everybody, when you read these books you have to be open minded and prepared for what the author may throw at you.  I also didn’t tell anyone about reading these books because of what they represent and to most people it is too much.

Sorry for the guys that might read this but come on girls, who hasn’t gotten weak at the knees or had butterflies when a guy says you look lovely???  Now I am not talking about gorgeous, hot, sexy, smoking…I am literally talking about the classy yet timeless word, lovely!  It reminds me of the classic black and white movies where you can literally tell the girl is the only person in the whole world that has the guys heart, then he kisses her hand and she pass out from peer love!!  I am totally joking about the passing out part, but being told you look lovely makes your heart go pitter patter.  It is definitely something that needs to happen to every woman out there!


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