Ok so after reading blogs this week and preparing to do my own blogs I have come to the conclusion I have a lot of room for improvement when it comes to blogging.  I read the nerdy book club blog and the layout of it was so professional looking and it was easy to read because of the separation between points that were made. I particularly liked the blog about “Read It Forward”.  The blog was actually a step by step process that they took to promote this idea of read it forward through their school.  I think one thing I am realizing about blogging is that it actually might help me with my reading.

I think an effective blog post, length of post, and length of paragraphs in the post are ultimately one in the same.  I believe that I can understand things better when there isn’t 1,000 words and I also feel like I get my point across better when I do not have to worry about a word limit or a minimum.  Short and sweet and to the point is the way to go for me.  I think wat I should do to make my blogs more attractive is organization.  I am going to try writing out my main points before typing them and see if that helps me keep my thoughts clear.  Once in awhile I might incorporate more pictures or better titles but I don’t want to overload everyone who reads my blogs.

The challenge I face with blogging is figuring out what I am going to say!  I get great ideas then when I go to express my thoughts or opinions I forget about half of the good information I had.  Blogging is fun because I like to read what other people have to say and think.


2 thoughts on “Kidlitosphere”

  1. Hey Brittany! I enjoyed reading your first blog, I am able to relate to it. I too have never blogged before and could improve. I love to talk and take time before I get to the point! Reading through you blogs you are doing just fine! I am able to understand your points and do enjoy you layout/theme of your page!


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