Do I condiser myself a reader?

My first encounter as  a reader, I am sure like most kids was  when my mom used to read stories to me and my brother  before bed.  My brother and I were able to pick one book each, his book choice was always Dr. Seuss and mine was always  a book from a Minnie Mouse series my mom bot at a garage sale (to be honest it was the best garage sale purchase ever).  I loved when my mom would read to us, it always got me so excited to read.  I couldn’t  wait!


I don’t remember much about learning to read, but I do know that when I started  reading  I always read my Minnie  Mouse books because  even  though by  that time I pretty much had them memorized I still was able to identify certain words. I would read to my  parents until my baby  sister was  born, then I would read  to her.


When I started  elementary school we did A.R. ( I am sure most of us remember that).  Well I was a very competitive child so when I learned we got points for books we read I was stoked to start reading to see how many  points I  could get in one school year.  I quickly learned that reading and taking tests was a lot harder than I thought. I wasn’t testing well like other kids in my class. They  thought it  was because I was having testing issues so then I was able to test at other times to be in  a quiet room.  That went on until I  got done with elementary school, my testing never got better but I was determined to read one book above my reading level and pass it with 100%.  Well I read Heidi and what do you know  I passed and got all the points!That was a very monumental moment for  me.


When I was in high school I had to read a lot. But I quickly learned that when people would read to me I wouldn’t be able to focus!  It was so frustrating to be sitting in class with my book  open ready to follow along and the next thing I knew class was over and I was still on the same page.  I learned that in order to pass my English classes I would have to read it over again at home.  It helped out a lot  but it was still  hard for me to focus at times.


Now that I am getting older I really enjoy  reading.  I just wish I had more time to do it, but I started doing audio books which is so nice because if I am going home to my parents I could listen to a book the  whole way.  It also helps that my future mother in law is a reading fanatic and a reading teacher.


So I guess I am slowly getting back into being a reader. The older I get the more I appreciate the silent moments where I can escape into the pages.


8 thoughts on “Do I condiser myself a reader?”

  1. I 110% approve of the Dr. Seuss choice as a little kid. He’s the best! And I hated AR tests more than anything. They were so awful, and if you didn’t get like a 80% the book that you read, in it’s entirety, didn’t count towards the books you read. Super disappointing.


  2. I feel like the older we get, we appreciate reading more, but have a hard time finding time to read. Audio books are a favorite of mine. I listen to them when I am in the car or cleaning and the time passes much quicker! I noticed the picture of John Green books…which is your favorite? I’m on Paper Towns right now and like it best so far.

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