My TED talk

Wow!  Linda Cliatt gave me goose bumps.  I didn’t even search for a video,  the title “How to Fix a Broken School?” immediately caught my eye and boy am I glad I watched it.  This woman is amazing, she is a principal at a high school that was on the persistently dangerous list.  Her and the faculty have completely turned that school around and even got test scores up!  You know why?? Because she never gave up on them and pushed them and herself to succeed.  That is so inspiring to me! When I am teaching I want every student of mine to feel special and loved like they should be!

I want to use TED talks in my classroom like the student in the article said, to spark thought in my students.  Challenge their creativity and really make them think of how others see things.  I am just not sure yet how to use it for lower elementary.


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