Reading Response

When we are growing up it seems logical that learning is done at school, our parents send us there to learn like they did.  As we get older we realize that we learn constantly!  It is everywhere we go, I am still learning to this day and sometimes it is in an unfortunate situation or at a random place.  I like how Georg Cuoros’s blog showed what it looked like when you separate school and learning.  All educators should take a look at this blog.  It gives you a great sense of how we need to encourage more learning in schools rather than making students little robots constantly looking in books for answers rather than thinking.  Kind of how Logan Laplante was saying.  Obviously all these assignments we are doing tie in to the other but it all makes sense after you read everything.  To spark interest in learning for students you have to be passionate about it.  You need to make them feel like they can do anything!  Let them know they have all your attention and make them know their interests are just as important as the next student.  I want to read more articles on passion based learning and see how it worked for other teachers or even see how it inspired students to want to learn! I am still unsure of what my passion is but in a way it would be I love to know what other peoples passions are and when they talk about it their faces light up with peer excitement.  That to me is an amazing feeling.


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